We source world’s finest coffees from Tree to Cup

Qima Café originates from Qima Coffee, an ethical coffee sourcing and trading organisation that has sourced coffee for some of the world’s most respected specialty coffee roasters spanning 40 countries. 

We are masters of coffee sourcing. Our expertise shines through our curation and collection of the world’s rarest and most exclusive coffees, sourced in collaboration with an extensive network of 7,000+ farmers and counting. Armed with deep expertise in coffee genetics, we seek and secure some of the most coveted genetic varieties and strains, including the illustrious Geishas, Sudan Rumes, and Yemenias for the coffee connoisseurs and beginners alike

Coffees sourced from Qima’s value chain have broken price records year after year, the recent staggering numbers from the Best of Yemen coffee auction amounting to nearly $1,000 per kilogram of a single lot! But that’s not all. Aspiring and seasoned baristas regularly compete and win competitions with our beans.

Our ethos is guided by an unwavering dedication to quality; sourcing the finest coffee from around the world is only the starting point of it all.

Award winning coffee meets London’s best desserts

At Qima Café, we want to unite the unparalleled excellence of our award-winning coffees with pastries and desserts that truly earn their accolades.

Often in the café- and patisserie-scape, places that excel in one realm tend to fall short in the other. At Qima Café, we want to break that pattern. Our range of desserts, handcrafted to perfection by our stellar pastry kitchen dream team, are gastronomic delights deeply rooted in culture, elevated with the essence of coffee in mind. When accolade-winning coffee meets such thoughtfully crafted desserts, the synergy is greater than the sum of its parts: nothing short of elevated magic that honours and distinguishes both behemoths equally and together.

Reimagining Coffee for the Café and Home

At Qima Café, we push the boundaries of coffee artistry. Our pursuit of coffee excellence is led by an in-house team of international beverage developers and barista champions. Together, we craft one-of-a-kind coffee signature drinks that stand out as innovative, differentiated gems in the vibrant tapestry of London’s coffee scene. 

But our steps don’t limit themselves to the Café. We partner with some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers to showcase beloved coffee machinery and accessories. At this nexus, we offer a glimpse into the symphony that emerges when fine coffee beans meet their counterparts in coffee brewing equipment in a way that is accessible to the curious, enthusiast and professional.

Pioneering Prosperity through Equity and Purpose

At Qima Café, we believe in actions that speak louder than shiny stickers and labels, and we champion actions that propel tangible impact for the coffee farming community. On average, farming partners working with Qima receive over 400% more than the standard international market price. 

Through our 'Coffee Tree Per Cup' initiative in collaboration with the Qima Foundation, we equip farmers with healthy, disease-free and resilient coffee trees and BAP training that secure their future prosperity. For each cup sold, we donate a young coffee tree to a coffee farmer in need, an effort bolstered by Qima Foundation's status as a recognised authority in seed cultivation and the builder of Yemen's largest coffee nursery.

Additionally, over 10% of our profits are pledged to Qima Foundation, fueling strategic projects that uplift coffee-growing communities in Yemen, Colombia, and Ecuador. From fortifying the coffee seed sector to supporting profitable cultivation, we nurture the entire value chain. Partnering with global foundations like the Lavazza Foundation and agencies like GIZ, we drive large-scale initiatives, spurring positive transformation in coffee-producing regions worldwide.